How To Re-open The Economy? Put People First, Support Families

The state is hurtling toward opening-up a wide section of the economy beginning May 4. Before Arkansas starts telling people to get back out, the state needs to fulfill its promise to have widely available testing.

“I am ready for life to get back to normal and I know my neighbors are too. But there’s a risk in telling people to get back to work too early, especially for working families who have children at home” said Chairman Michael John Gray. “We simply aren’t where we need to be, in terms of testing availability, to be making pronouncements¬†about when the public health threat has passed. I’m concerned the governor and others are being pressured to send people back to work too early, to avoid having to actually provide support and a sense of security for Arkansas families through the duration of this crisis.”

“We are facing historic unemployment and a prolonged¬†economic crisis. But the governor and the Arkansas Legislature don’t seem to be taking the needs of Arkansas families seriously. I’m worried they’re washing their hands of it and just hoping the federal government will step in and save Arkansas. Elected leaders should step up, take the reins, and provide real relief to Arkansans.”

Arkansas performs in the bottom half of the nation in testing, even falling behind Mississippi. Meeting minimum thresholds for testing should be required before decisions are made impacting the health and well being of Arkansas families.



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