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Fellow Democrat!

The 2020 Election is just around the corner. And just one year from yesterday, we will swear in the 46th President of the United States. You can be part of that process here in Arkansas. Our state and our party need your help to ensure we send our best slate of delegates to the National Convention.

During the Filing Period, many of you started this process by filing Form A with your County Party to potentially serve as a County Representative to Special State Convention, where our 36 National Delegates will be selected. (If you need a quick reminder of what Form A looked like, click here.)

Your County Party then had until the end of 2019 to submit all those Form As to us at the State Party. — Tomorrow is a big day in this process. You will receive your Form A Email Receipt.
This email will include: your original Form A that you filed, any other documentation you may need to complete (most likely the Political Practices Pledge), and your contact information. Please do save your Form A Email Receipt throughout the delegate selection process. We will maintain a copy, though it is good to have it on hand so that you can ensure you are registered in the process.
When you get the Form A Email Receipt, please do the following things before January 31:
  1. Ensure that your Form A is downloaded and/or saved
  2. Complete any other documents attached to the email
  3. Confirm your contact information that we have on file. If you have any corrections or would like to ask a question, please respond to the email.

Some individuals that filed Form A did not list an email, they will receive a phone call in lieu of a Form A Email Receipt.

In addition to announcing this Form A Email Receipt, we wanted to give you an overview of upcoming steps.

If you filed Form A or you would like to vote on those who did file Form A, please make sure you attend the first County Party Meeting that your county has after the March 3 Arkansas Primary. That will be the Party Meeting where the County Representatives will be finalized.

The State Party will send the County Parties all the ballots for the county and a “How to Conduct Your County Representative Election” Document in early February.

We will go into this deeper next week. Stay tuned.