Join The Fight! Push Back Against Sarah Huckabee-Sanders

Join the fight and push back against Sarah Huckabee-Sanders and the legacy of Trumpism. Arkansas is at the heart of the battle for the future of Trumpism in America. Trump’s former spokesperson is running for Governor of Arkansas and we’ve got a message for her and the rest of the Trump Family Syndicate: not here, not anywhere.

This election is going to be BIG. DNC Chair Jaime Harrison has already stepped up and that’s GOOD NEWS for Arkansas.

***Check out this Washington Post article with the DNC Chair & DPA Chair Michael John Gray.***

Sarah Huckabee-Sanders is not only a clear and present danger to the people of Arkansas, she’s a potent symbol of what will become of Trumpism in the coming years. We are ready to do our part here in Arkansas to shut down the twice-impeached President’s legacy.

The Republican Party of Arkansas is in a “race to the bottom” that’s leaving Arkansans who value decency and honesty behind. The hard working people of Arkansas need to know they have a home in the Democratic Party of Arkansas.

“This is the new Republican Party of Arkansas. This is the Donald Trump Republican Party of Arkansas, where the budget will no longer be a moral document to them. It will just simply be a means to an end to promote an ideology and that’s scary for Arkansas.” –  Chairman Michael John Gray, NPR 

THANK YOU for your support and resolve as we build up our organizing infrastructure in Arkansas so that we can rise to this challenge and give the people of Arkansas the Democratic Party they deserve — and need.