Matt DeCample Showed Us How to Live with Honor and Humor

An outpouring of sympathy on Monday showed just how loved Matt was…


Former KATV reporter and longtime spokesman for Gov. Mike Beebe, Matt DeCample died Sunday evening (March 3) after a nearly three-year battle with cancer.


DeCample was hired as Mike Beebe’s spokesman when Beebe was Attorney General. Beebe held that office for four years and DeCample moved into the Governor’s office as press secretary and communications chief for the eight years Beebe held the office.

DeCample was diagnosed with liver cancer at the age of 41. The cancer was aggressive and advanced, but DeCample underwent treatment at the Rockefeller Cancer Institute and eventually began a clinical trial the the National Institute of Health in Maryland.

Known around town for his work on the improv comedy stage, DeCample was always quick with a funny retort and utilized that wit as a color commentator during the annual Hoops for Kids Sake game, pitting the Arkansas Senate against the House of Representatives and benefiting the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Arkansas and Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

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