Megan Godfrey Delivers Monumental Win, Passes Law For DACA Nursing Licences

Arkansas is taking a huge step forward and will now let DACA recipients get their nursing licences. This monumental victory for immigrants in Arkansas was supported by grassroots efforts across Arkansas, and delivered by freshman state Representative Megan Godfrey in Springdale.

This freshman leader has quickly become a key leader in the Arkansas Legislature. Her bill to allow DACA recipients to get nursing licences passed along huge margins. It had zero dissenting votes in the 100 member House.

Arkansas is facing a nursing shortage and allowing thousands of young people in this state to obtain their nursing licenses is a common-sense solution to this pressing need. It also keeps bright, hard working people in Arkansas serving their communities.

This legislative victory is proof that Springdale elected one of the most capable, pragmatic, and downright likeable legislators in the state. Her success at the state Capitol mirrors her path to the Arkansas Legislature.

Godfrey ran a level-headed, disciplined campaign that focused on putting Arkansas families first — and she won. Godfrey beat a Republican incumbent, against the odds. Her victory was one of two in northwest Arkansas that flipped Republican seats.

She began this legislative session with a promise to work with Republicans to pass common-sense bills. Godfrey has delivered for Arkansas, and delivered for the people of Springdale.