New Congressional Maps Being Drawn This Week!

The Arkansas Legislature is meeting this week to redraw the lines for the state’s four Congressional districts. These new boundaries will remain in place for ten years — so we need to make sure the lines are fair and that communities get the representation they deserve. No party of Arkansas should be marginalized or cast aside. Your voice matters!

Watch The Legislature Starting On Wednesday @ 10AM

More than a dozen redistricting proposals have been filed from both sides of the aisle, including six proposals by Arkansas Democrats.

Check Out The Full List Of Maps & Bills Here

Proposals From Democratic Lawmakers

HB1961 // State Rep. David Whitaker // Fayetteville // Moves Madison County to the 3rd Congressional District along with parts of Crawford and Sebastian counties so they aren’t split, and moving Van Buren County to the First Congressional District.

HB1962 // State Rep. Reginald Murdock // Marianna // Changes Arkansas’ Second Congressional District so that it encompasses southeast Arkansas along with Pulaski County. The legislation would place Van Buren, White, Faulkner and Lonoke counties in the 1st Congressional District along with a northeastern swath of the state and move Madison, Franklin and Baxter counties into the 3rd Congressional District, along with parts of Crawford and Newton counties.

HB1965 // State Rep. Vivian Flowers // Pine Bluff // Proposes splitting Pulaski County to put a southeastern swath containing Little Rock with a redrawn 2nd Congressional District covering much of the Arkansas Delta region and the northwestern portion in the 4th Congressional District.

SB724 // State Rep. Greg Leding // Fayetteville // Redraws the state’s four congressional districts by creating a U-shaped 4th Congressional District for the southern part of the state and having the 1st Congressional District encompass a northern swath of the state. The bill splits a total of 14 counties and creates a new 2nd Congressional District made entirely of partial counties.

SB727 // State Sen. Clarke Tucker // Little Rock // Redraws the 2nd Congressional District so that it includes Pulaski County as well as a swath of southeast Arkansas.

SB728 // State Sen. Joyce Elliott // D-Little Rock // Places Pulaski County in a redrawn 2nd Congressional District that includes southeast Arkansas and adding Madison and Franklin counties to the 3rtd Congressional District.

Lawmakers on the State Agencies Committee will be the first to vote on recommended maps. Contact your lawmaker and let them know you want fair districts and won’t tolerate partisan games.


Senate State Agencies Committee Members
Chair, Senator Jason Rapert
501-336-0918 or
Vice-Chair, Senator Trent Garner
870-818-9219 or
Senator Bob Ballinger
(870) 505-4448  or
Senator Cecile Bledsoe
479-636-2115 or
Senator Breanne Davis
(479) 970-0081 or
Senator Jane English
501-257-7670  or
Senator Bart Hester
479-531-4176 or
Senator Clarke Tucker
(501) 246-4933 or

House State Agencies Committee Members
Chair, Representative Dwight Tosh
870-926-0423 or
Vice-Chair, Representative Justin Gonzales
870-245-6365 or
Representative Rick Beck
501-912-1441 or
Representative Bruce Cozart
501-627-3232 or
Representative Gary Deffenbaugh
479-719-8197 or
Representative Jim Dotson
479-222-1234 or
Representative Michelle Gray
870-291-2515  or
Representative Spencer Hawks
(501) 764-6847 or
Representative Lane Jean
870-904-1856 or
Representative Lee Johnson
(479) 883-6393 or
Representative Jack Ladyman
870-340-7499 or
Representative Fredrick J. Love
501-612-3939 or
Representative Austin McCollum
479-426-4141 or
Representative Stephen Meeks
501-314-9250 or
Representative Josh Miller
501-365-3599 or
Representative John Payton
501-362-5815 or
Representative Marcus E. Richmond
479-299-4416 or
Representative Nelda Speaks
870-421-2552 or
Representative Jeff Wardlaw
870-226-9501 or
Representative David Whitaker
479-236-8313  or


This session is expected to be brief. Lawmakers may also take up other matters related to the state’s COVID response and reviewing previous related legislation. The Legislature is expected to enter into an additional session in October to discuss other issues, including potential tax cut proposals.

Let’s Be Ready To Fight For Fair Districts In The State House Or In The Courthouse!

Join heart of the party.