Everyday Arkansan Tyler Draper knows Arkansas is Worth Advocating For

Meet Tyler Draper, a science teacher, a Democrat, and an Everyday Arkansan.

“Hunting. Fishing. Hiking. Politicking. Malvern is the Brick Capital of the World. 

Arkansas is home and it is worth advocating for. 

Everyday I teach over 100 students about STEM and prepare them for the future of our workforce. Then, I question if we’re inviting economic development into our state. Can students find these jobs here? Will these jobs fairly compensate them for their skills? Are we a farm system for Dallas? As an Arkansas Democrat, I believe the car should be in ‘D’ to go forward rather than ‘R’ going backwards. My high school classmates, college friends, and family members always say ‘leave home for better opportunities.’ I know we’re capable of better!

I’m the son of a teenage high school dropout and a father who survived off tips from tourism. My stepfather is a high school dropout who became a Union Steel Worker. I have no full siblings, 4 half siblings, 5 step siblings, and 7 nieces and nephews.”

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Read Tyler Draper’s Op-Ed in the paper today, “First, fix the potholes.”