Our Officers & Committees

The Democratic Party of Arkansas held Party Officer Elections at its regularly scheduled State Committee Meeting on Saturday, December 15, 2018. The following officers were elected to four-year terms. The two National Committee members will be elected to two-year terms later.

Please see the members of the standing committee below. If you need the member's contact information, please contact the state party staff.

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  • Dustin McDaniel – National
    Committee Member

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  • Kasey Summerville – National
    Committee Member

Executive Committee



Frederick Freeman

Judy Gibson

Tamara Hood

Ethan Williams

Ashley Henry-Saorrono

Susan Inman

Christian Juarez

Dustin Parsons

Philip Hood

Zane Chenault


Christine Erwin-Jimenez

Tucker Iacobacci

Virginia Walden

Derek Donahou

Connie Castleberry

Michael McCray

Tommy Roebuck

Brittaney Stockton

Dr. Cheryl Felder-Stuart

Ted Davis

Affirmative Action Committee



Mariah Hatta - chair

Bobby Howard

Philip Hood

Sarah Scanlon


Kasey Summerville

Diego Quinones

Meredith Morrison

Heidi Davis

Rules Committee



Jay Barth - chair

Frederick Freeman

Tamika Edwards


Betty Pickett

Barrett Goodwin

Finance Committee



John Unger - chair

Sen. Joyce Elliott

Rep. Vivian Flowers

Rep. Denise Garner


Nicole Hart

Dillon Hupp

Gayatri Agnew

Joshua Price

Personnel Committee



Representative Vivian Flowers

Representative Reginald Murdock


Jesse Gibson

Kelly Scott Unger

County Committee Review Committee



Dean Flanagan - chair

Frederick Freeman

Sam Kauffman


Celeste Williams

Ted Davis

Committee on Auxiliary Organizations



Debi Council - chair

Wanda Bynum Ashley

Gracie Ziegler


Emily Kearns

Thurman Metcalf

Filing Fees Committee



Betty Pickett - chair

Ethan Williams

Randy Rose

Susan Inman

Andrew LeMay

Ethan Dunbar


Sen. Keith Ingram

Rep. Charles Blake

Rep. Vivian Flowers

John Unger

Teresa Gallegos

Michael McCray

Audit Coordination Committee



Hon. Dustin McDaniel - co-chair

Hon. Lottie Shackelford - co-chair

John Unger

Michael Pridgeon


Wanda Young

Derek Donahou

Barrett Goodwin