Race To The Bottom: Sarah Huckabee-Sanders Enters Governor’s Race

LITTLE ROCK — Republican candidate Sarah Huckabee-Sanders announced her candidacy for Governor on Monday.

“Republican candidates continue their race to the bottom, using fear mongering and hateful rhetoric to try and scare Arkansans. Democrats believe Arkansas deserves better. Arkansas deserves candidates that talk about investing in every community across this state, who understand that arguing about Washington politics doesn’t put food on the table — jobs and economic opportunity do. Candidates need to understand that our children shouldn’t have to leave our state to succeed. Leadership is about bringing people together not seeking to divide us. This is Arkansas. We are better and we deserve better,” said D.P.A. Chairman Michael John Gray.

“A competitive race against the worst of Arkansas will not happen just because we wish it so. It will take aggressive organizing and collaboration among many groups across the state so that Arkansas can be that better place we know it is. The Democratic Party of Arkansas and its candidates look forward to the challenge.”