Rep. Nicole Clowney Delivers Big Win, Passes Firefighters Cancer Sick Leave Benefits

Until now, Arkansas firefighters have had to fight cancer at the same time they are fighting fires. But Arkansas is finally going to start doing right by the brave men and women who literally walk into burning buildings for us. State Rep. Nicole Clowney of Fayetteville has passed historic legislation to grant cancer sick leave benefits.

Rep. Clowney is a freshman legislator, who quickly took charge and championed this issue for firefighters and their families all across Arkansas. Clowney, and Arkansas Democrats, emerged as real leaders in the Arkansas Legislature, garnering wide ranging bi-partisan support for the bill.

The legislation was introduced at the beginning of the session. Clowney made the case clearly, “The men and women who selflessly serve our communities deserve our support. Our state is asking our firefighters to battle cancer at the very same time they are putting out our fires. They deserve better. They have our backs in times of crisis, it’s time for us to do the same for them.”

On Monday Arkansas lawmakers passed a bill granting firefighters fighting cancer more sick leave.

House Bill 1773, known as “Crump’s Law” honors Little Rock firefighter Nathaniel Crump, who spent his final days on the job while battling job-related cancer because he’d exhausted all of his sick leave.

Crump was 30-years-old when he died of colon cancer in June of 2017. HB1773 is now headed to the governor’s desk to be officially signed into law. Read more of ‘Crump’s Law’ at KATV’s website >>>