Rep. Nicole Clowney Honored for Her Defense of Firefighters

A true leader is recognized…

Before Representativce Nicole Clowney of Fayetteville won her seat last November, she promised to be  “a forceful advocate for the people of Fayetteville.”

This Legislative session, she not only made good on her promise,  but went above and beyond, being a forceful advocate for all the people of Arkansas.

Specifically, her work on Crump’s Law, which provided more sick leave for firefighters who are also fighting cancer, was one of the legislative victories during a session where victories for Arkansans were few and far between.

Due to her heroic advocacy for firefighters, She was made an honorary member of the Fayetteville Firefighters. The Arkansas Professional Firefighters Association honored Rep. Clowney as their “Legislator of the Year” at their annual state convention. When no one else did, she “stepped up and proved she was a friend to all firefighters,” according to the APFF.

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