Request Information & Proxy for April 20 State Committee Meeting

Democratic Party of Arkansas
To Hold April State Committee Meeting

WHAT: The Democratic Party of Arkansas will hold its Statewide Committee meeting. On the agenda for this meeting will be a general session with reports from all of the Party Officers.

WHO: Democrats from all across Arkansas, including elected officials, potential 2020 candidates, party leadership, and Chairman Michael John Gray.

WHERE: Dunbar Community Center, 1001 W. 16th St, Little Rock, Arkansas 72202

WHEN: Saturday, April 20, 2019 at 10:30 AM – 1 PM



State Committee Members, Executive Committee Members, and Party Leaders,

You should have already received your formal notices announcing the April 20 State Committee Meeting, additionally an email has also been sent. (If you have not yet received the physical notice, please contact Executive Assistant Jo Carden at the State Party Headquarters.)

If you would like to request a Proxy Form for the meeting on April 20, 2019, please either email Communications Director Reed Brewer at or fill out the form below.

As a reminder, here is the information from our State Party Rules regarding the usage of Proxy Forms at the State Committee Meetings:

(f) Proxies. Proxy votes shall be permitted at meetings of the State Committee only as follows: (1) no member shall vote the proxy of more than one other member; (2) proxies shall be granted only when printed, dated, signed and filed with the Secretary by the commencement of a meeting; (3) no proxy shall be valid for more than one meeting; (4) the Secretary shall preserve said proxies for no less than one year past the term of the Committee, as part of the records of the State Committee. (Section 4.05. (f) State Committee Meetings.)

Reed will be able to help you assign Proxy Forms to State Committee Members that will be in attendance if you have not yet selected someone to hold your Proxy Form.

Additionally, I want to remind you all of the attendance requirements for State Committee Members listed in our State Party Rules:

(g) Attendance. A State Committee member elected or appointed pursuant to sections
4.01(a), (b), or (c) above who misses three (3) or more meetings shall be required upon
notice to show good cause therefore or may be dismissed from the Committee by its vote. (Section 4.05. (g) State Committee Meetings.)

I am also excited to note that the April 20 State Committee Meeting will be the first meeting that will accommodate virtual call-ins. Please contact Reed or fill out the form below about registering for meeting information. Due to the first time using this software and its limitations, the meeting will be not be video live-streamed and only audio will be available. Additionally, those that listen to the audio will not be able to ask questions or comment on the proceedings. Please note, calling into the meeting does not constitute “attendance” as outlined in the State Party Rules. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact myself or the State Party Staff.


Michael John Gray

Chairman, Democratic Party of Arkansas


Proxy Request Form and Information.


    I'd like to get a Proxy Form for the April 20 Meeting

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