Results are in for the special primary election to fill the Arkansas House seat formerly held by the late Civil Rights hero, state Rep. John Walker.  None of the candidates in the four-person race for the House District 34 seat, covering parts of Little Rock, garnered a majority. Joy Springer and Ryan Davis earned the most votes, and are now headed to a runoff election February 11.

Election Totals

Joy Springer 295

Ryan Davis 236

Lee Miller 109

Otis Tyler 51

Take a look at the election process — and upcoming dates — related to this special election, and then the general election.

Because none of the four candidates earned more than half of the votes cast, the Democratic nominee will be decided in a runoff election Feb. 11. After that, a general election will be held alongside the statewide partisan primary and nonpartisan judicial general election on March 3. Independent candidate Roderick Talley will compete in that round of voting, which will decide who finishes out Walker’s term, which ends next January…Each of the four Democratic candidates from Tuesday’s special primary will compete again in less than two months, meeting in the March 3 primary to pick a nominee for the Nov. 3 general election. Talley has filed to run as an independent in that election, as well. No Republicans filed to run in either the special election to fill the remainder of the current term or for the two-year term starting in January. 

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