Suzie Bell’s Helping Hand During COVID Inspires

Suzie Bell knows all about hard work, and COVID-19 demands even more of it. She’s been busy living her values for years, as co-founder of Eureka Christian Health Outreach and ECHO Village. The hard times, especially economically, that people are going through due to coronavirus make her mission even more essential than ever.

In addition to her work serving Carroll and Madison counties, she’s running for a state House seat in the Arkansas Legislature. But like everything else in life, that’s taking a backseat to the needs that COVID-19 are pushing to the forefront.

The Eureka Springs Independent profiled Bell’s work during this crisis >>>


  • A candidate for the Arkansas House of Representatives, Bell said her campaign has shifted to service mode. “We’re trying to make sure people are staying safe and not putting themselves at risk,” she said. “If we can get the groceries for them, that is so much better.


  • Bell has been cutting organic greens from the ECHO greenhouse and delivering them to elderly residents in town. She has also been picking up groceries for older and disabled people.


  • With so many people filing for unemployment at the same time, it is taking time to get benefits. Suzie Bell, co-founder of the ECHO Clinic and Village, said many people are struggling to pay their rent and utilities. ECHO has received a grant to help with homelessness, money being used primarily to prevent homelessness.


  •  “The hope is by helping them with rent and utilities, we get them where they can’t lose their home,” Bell said. “At ECHO Village, we have regular residents struggling.  I can’t see putting any   pressure on anyone right now because they don’t have work.”


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