Task Force Falls Short: Fails To Support Arkansas Workers & Families

LITTLE ROCK — Governor Asa Hutchinson’s latest task force to address COVID is a small effort toward acknowledging the unmitigated spread of COVID in Arkansas, however its limited scope fails to address the needs, security, and prosperity of Arkansas families.

“The people of Arkansas didn’t elect a task force, they elected a Governor. Leadership means making tough decisions even when they’re unpopular. You’d think the Governor would rather be unpopular with voters and save lives, than be popular and attend their funerals. The governor’s shown pragmatic leadership and did what he could to keep our economy going but rising numbers and limited hospital capacity have overcome his best efforts.” said DPA Chairman Michael John Gray.

“Since the start of this crisis, the state has never followed its own COVID guidelines for lifting restrictions, so I have to wonder what the point of this task force is. It should be focused on limiting the spread of COVID — but also on ensuring the rights and incomes of essential workers. If our state needs your work, we better be there for you if you or your family member gets ill. That means making sure there’s time off to quarantine, and that you’re not losing your income for doing the right thing.”