VETO THIS BILL: Badly Written ‘Sanctuary’ Cities Bill Heads To Governor

Your action is needed immediately. Call the governor’s office at (501) 682-2345 today.

A dangerous bill that could pave the way to illegal racial profiling in Arkansas towns is very close to becoming law. This so-called sanctuary city bill by state Senator Gary Stubblefield (R-Branch) and Rep. Brandt Smith (R-Jonesboro) is so bad that Governor Asa Hutchinson thinks it is flat out un-Constitutional.

“This would lead to profiling and indiscriminate questioning of citizens of the United States based solely on the officer’s determination that the citizen looks different than what the officer thinks a U.S. citizen should look like,” Hutchinson wrote. “This is contrary to the fundamentals of our Constitution.”

But despite the governor condemning this blatantly harmful bill, he still says he will sign it into law!

Governor Hutchinson needs to respect our Constitution, and veto this SB 411.

  • Tell the governor to veto SB 411
  • Tell the governor this bill is not needed, there are no sanctuary cities in Arkansas
  • Tell the governor this bill will lead to racial profiling, and divide our state
  • Tell the governor to respect our Constitutional rights
  • Tell the governor the language in this bill is vague, and lacks agreed upon definitions of what a sanctuary city even is

The poorly crafted legislation would also put a serious hurt on city budgets. One provision of the bill prohibits municipalities with so-called sanctuary policies (which are not defined) from applying for discretionary money, a move that could stifle crucial economic growth for diversifying communities in Arkansas.