Here is where you can go to answer all of your voting questions about casting a ballot in Arkansas.

The next election is the Democratic Primary and Non-Partisan Judicial Election happening in May.

Mark your calendar!

Early voting in the Democratic Primary starts May 9 and Election Day is May 24!

What to bring when you’re voting:

Whenever you’re going to vote, bring a photo I.D. or another form of valid identification, which include:

  • An Arkansas driver’s license; 
  • An Arkansas  photo identification card; 
  • A concealed handgun carry license; 
  • A United States passport; 
  • An employee badge or identification document issued by an accredited postsecondary education institution in the State of Arkansas; 
  • A United States military identification document; 
  • A public assistance identification card, if the card shows a photograph of the person to whom the document or identification card was issued; 
  • A voter verification card with photo as provided by the County Clerk

If you need identification to vote, please contact your County Clerk and ask for an I.D. to vote. They are required to give you one under Arkansas code § 7-5-324.

For information about polling places, sample ballots, voter registration status and more, please use Arkansas Voter View.

Using Arkansas Voter View:

Polling place:

This is where you go to vote. Arkansas has changed rules to allow voters from a certain county to vote at any polling place, in any precinct, across the state.

When you’re looking at VoterView, type your address into the bottom input box or input your name, address, and birthday into the top input box to see the polling locations in addition to your sample ballot.

Sample Ballot:

Your sample ballot lets you know what races are coming up. From your sample ballot, you can make up your mind before you walk in on election day and figure out what races to research.

If you’re looking to learn more about the candidates on your ballot, try using the candidate tab on our website or going to

Voter Registration:

To vote, you must be registered 30 days before the election you are seeking to cast a ballot in!

For the primary, the deadline was April 24.

If you missed it, the deadline for the General is October 10. Please get registered!

The Secretary of State maintains a calendar of important voter dates and deadlines.

Read more about ballot initiatives from UALR.

Read the Voting Guidebook from the Secretary of State.

Read more on the Pulaski County Clerk’s website.