WATCH: Chairman Gray Calls Out GOP Chairman For Dishonest, Racially Charged Campaigning

Did you catch Arkansas Week last night? DPA Chairman Michael John Gray took RPA Chairman Doyle Webb to the mat for enabling dishonest and racist campaign strategies from the President and French Hill on down — from mailers, to TV ads, to telling white supremacists to stand by for Election Night.

Watch Chairman Gray put the pressure on Webb, dodge after dodge, equivocation after equivocation.


November 3rd is only 31 days away — the stakes couldn’t be higher. Don’t wake up Nov. 4th without knowing you did your part to take our country back and to elect our champion to the U.S. Congress.

Chairman Gray is also appearing on KARK’s Capitol View this Sunday at 9:30 a.m. talking about the Presidential Debate and the 2020 election in Arkansas. If you missed Arkansas Week on Friday, check it out online or as it airs again Sunday at 10 a.m on Arkansas PBS.