Westerman & Crawford Sign Phony Election Claims Letter For Trump

Representatives Bruce Westerman and Rick Crawford have gone off the deep end. They’re throwing in their hats with conspiracy theorists who believe Donald Trump won the Presidential election. It’s a new low point for Arkansans in the First and Fourth Congressional districts, to be represented by two office holders who have failed this basic test of leadership.

Crawford and Westerman signed onto a letter Thursday with 100 House Republicans, dividing their caucus, showing support for last-ditch, frivolous lawsuits from Rudy Giuliani and outgoing President Donald Trump. They’re seeking to throw out millions of ballots — including those cast by military families and those serving overseas. Why? They don’t like that people voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Instead of respecting the democratic election of Joe Biden, the two office holders are seeking to exploit our divided nation for political gain. This is a time our nation must learn to come together, to build back better. But Crawford and Westerman want to drag us into the world of conspiracy theories, lowering the bar for our Congressional delegation and what it means to lead.

Let’s let Rep. Crawford and Rep. Westerman know their constituents are watching this display of political gimmickry that’s being played at the expense of the integrity of our democratic system. Arkansas deserves real leadership in Washington D.C. Our country needs it.


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